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Welcome to CIT Rugby Club’s web site and to the new Irish Colleges Rugby Union (ICRU) season for 2006/07. The management and students of the club welcome you back and hope that you will follow our exploits this season as activily as you did last season. Firstly, we would like to welcome the club’s new Rugby Development Officer (RDO), Frank O'Mahony, of Highfield. Frank is a qualified IRFU level 1 coach, and has a rugby studies diploma from Colaiste Stiofan Naofa. Frank has coached for the past six years with Highfield youth teams and besides CIT is currently coaching south Munster U-17 and has also been appointed Head Coach of south Munster Cadets. This year, the college will compete in Seniors ICRU Division 1, Senior ICRU Division 2 and O'Boyle Freshers Cup competitions. This means much more work for the staff and students.

Yours in rugby,
Staff Club Treasurer

CIT's James Frahill in action against UL in 2004

Greetings from the Student Committee

Welcome to CIT Rugby club from the club’s new student secretary. To start off, I would like to welcome the club’s new Rugby Development Officer (RDO), Frank O’Mahony of Highfield. Here is a little bit about Frank. Frank has a rugby studies diploma from Colaiste Stiofan Naofa, has played Munster youths/ Highfield youths and with Colaiste Stiofan Naofa Rugby academy (so at least we know he isn't all mouth but is a little bit action). Frank has coached Highfield youth teams, south Munster U-17 and has also been appointed Head Coach of south Munster Cadets. All in all (I hope he remembers who wrote this, ahem, come on the starting tight head position), Frank brings a huge wealth of rugby knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the job.

This new season also sees the appointment of a new student committee. And here they are, ladies and gentlemen, starting with the one and only Bill Clinton like president, Maurice Power (and the crowd goes wild). Maurice is a DME4 student and has taken it upon himself to fill the roll of President so as to promote the club’s reputation and the great sport that is rugby, and also he hopes it will help with the chicks (really its all about the chicks). Maurice is a member of Highfield and has been a key figure in CIT rugby for three years now, well done Maurice. Next up we have the position of club’s PRO (if anyone knows what this is please send your answers on a self addressed envelope to Frank, as I and Aidan have no idea what it involves). This role is filled this year by Aidan Hayes of, you guessed it, Highfield, Aidan has been involved with Highfield since the tender age of U-9 and can currently be seen playing open side flanker for the high and mighty senior 1st team here in CIT. Next we meet yet another Highfield man by the name of Philip O Connor, Philip “phills” (see what I did with the ph thing) the position of Equipment Officer, meaning he is the guy with all the balls in CIT, and although just a fresher, is a member of the illustrious Senior 1 team and plays blind side flanker, oh yah, he is also on the Highfield academy team and is currently in METS1. AND finally, the two people you have all been waiting for its, me, Mr. Secretary and Willy Mac, the Treasurer. William McCarthy hails from the lovely town of Douglas and has been a member of Sunday's Well (away the well) since god knows when. Its not hard to miss this impressive figure of a man standing at a whopping 5' 4” or something like that. Will can be seen roaming the hallways of CIT along side the graceful and slim line figure of beauty that is me. Will has been involved with CIT seconds since the very start when we had to struggle to be even recognised and at long last has ascended to the great position of El Captain (please save your applause till after) although its still the opinion of some people that he should have been there last year but lets not get into that right now. Will is an impressive player on and off the pitch, if you know what I mean, gigidy goo, and has been acknowledged as one of the greatest users of a very weird and funny side step dummy pass thingy, along with a thirst and a drive for achievement, it is sure to be a great year for captain Will. And now ladies and gentlemen, it is time for me the one and only (not counting my twin) man around campus (here comes the fanfare), Mr. John Boyling. I come from a respectable part of Cork called Blackrock where I was involved with a bit of the old GAA but went on to greater thing with rugby, I started with Dolphin U-16 and I even managed to get Munster trials, not bad for a relative new comer to the sport, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Then U-18, I joined my local club of Cork Con where I stayed for two years and sadly ended it there till the day little Will got me out to CIT seconds and then to the great club of Sundays Well were I train and occasionally play, along side of some great lads. Currently I am in the running for starting tight head and yah that means I am a bench warmer but the day will come. As for my committee duties, well this dribble is part of it and stay tuned for what lies ahead.

Last of all I would like to mention that all teams are looking forward to the coming season which sees all three teams Senior1, 2 and Freshers chasing the titles that so narrowly escaped us last year but as I said already, every dog has its day, and this year we will be number one. On behalf of all the members of staff, committee and teams I hope we will have as much support from you this year as possible and don't forget you can’t spell team with out me so come on John Boyling, but more importantly come on CIT rugby club

Yours in rugby and spirit (and body for all you ladies there is enough to go around),
Student Club Secretary

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 8, 2006 6:35 PM
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